The Diamond

Evoking lines of gothic vaulted ceilings, this structure has resonances from the past but is definitely something from the future. Filling with air from flat, it inverts, and, lifting the aerialist with it, the Diamond creates images of a giant unfolding orchid before achieving a full 11m high, a taut crystalline form. Lighting changes colour on the internal and external facets while the aerialist dances at seven metres high inside. This show can be performed on calm water.


The Candle

Nine metres high and shaped like a giant candle, this is the smaller of the two. The soundtrack uses as its inspiration a palindrome in latin “In girum imus noctes et cosumimur igni” meaning “In spirals we fly by night and are consumed by the flames”. The aerial dancer inside creates melancholic images of a trapped moth and viewed in the round the audience recognise that by the end of the show, they too have gathered like moths around a flame.



Q. Can the Transparenscenes do shows in daylight?
A. Rather like vampires they come out only at night, so the use of lighting will create reflections, refractions and shadows. The fabric also suffers in the sunlight as does anyone inside!
Q. Is it possible to do shows longer than 15 minutes?
A. No. All aerial shows by their nature are shorter due to the physical energy required, and the impact of a shorter show is always greater. These are powerful images which don’t benefit from over-exposure.
Q. What weather restrictions are there?
A. Heavy rain causes problems with electrics and condensation. Strong winds over 7mps may effect the stability of the structure, so would prevent inflation from taking place.

Past Shows

  • All of a Twinkle, Edinburgh
  • Xmas Shopping Day, Oxford Circus
  • Seville Festi, Spain
  • Nikki Beach Party, Marbella
  • Americas Cup, Alicante
  • Grand Lisboa Casino, Macau
  • Bollywood Wedding, Mumbai
  • Madrid Nativity Parade
  • German Embassy, Delhi
  • Lincoln Cathedral
  • Sloane Square Xmas Lights
  • Mallorca TV Opening Party, Palma
  • Bradford Festival Opening Night
  • Eclectic Festival, Valencia
  • Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Diamonds in the Desert, Arizona
  • Naomi Campbell Party, St. Tropez
  • Time Club, Dublin
  • Sheffield Peace Park
  • Waterford Spraoi
  • Manchester Streets Ahead
  • Henley Festival
  • Brighton Festival
  • Salisbury Christmas Lights

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