Performance Installations


A free-standing, air-filled arch 12m high, changing colour with its own light show while perfectly framing the amazing aerial performer. The audience can watch in the round or pass beneath while the aerialist interacts overhead. It pops out of a bag within minutes and the reflective surface is perfect for projecting video content onto.



Created in 2005, an air-filled cone eight metres high creates a new stage for an extraordinary aerial performance. With four axes of rotation we have created a choreography in the Dream Engine tradition of being unique and unusual. Acrobatic and upbeat but also passionate and moving. The Conedancers is performed to an original score and computer-driven LED lighting effects.



Our performer stands inside an air-filled bubble, fabricated in industrial PVC which is attached to a semi-spherical base filled with water ballast. Being very light at the top and very heavy at the bottom the performers can lean, sway and rotate in an unnatural way creating a show which is part sculptural and part performance. Colour-changing LED lighting makes the structures glow as the show unfolds to music.



Slow motion trampoline straight off the ground. Using a minimal superstructure of flexing 5m poles and elastic cord, an acrobat in a bi-rotational harness can flip 5m into the air. Facing forwards or backwards or cartwheeling, the routines are based around a choreography of twisting rotations. Two technicians wheel the rig into position, sit back, and catapult the aerialist into the air and a high-energy, high-altitude routine set to specially created soundtrack.



A costumed aerialist harnessed into The Wishbone frame is counterbalanced into a state of perfect equilibrium. Subtle shifts of body weight over three rotational axes control speed and direction and allow her to move to any position in a three-metre circle with the supporting frame unseen. Moving from graceful swoops and arcs to dynamic flips and spins.

The installation is paged into position from the ground or platform to any height, the performance is choreographed to music. Pyrotechnics concealed on the other end of the frame create a spectacular finale.


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