Spiralling and spinning and seemingly weightless, an acrobat suspended beneath a helium balloon explores the uncharted space between street level and rooftops. The Heliosphere is a show performed to music which is both aerobatic and interactive to create the illusion of flying.

The ground crew, harnessed to lines but largely unseen, control the balloon’s speed, direction and height. Working together, the three artists create a piece of overhead magic and on a calm day our aerial dancer can swoop out of the sky, steal the sugar lumps from a café-goer’s saucer and soar to twenty meters in a moment. Carrying someone’s hat. We have delivered the bridal bouquet, shaken the rock stars hand and carried away the champions cup in a packed stadium.

The Heliosphere show was first performed in April 1998 and coining the name from those mysterious bubbles in space, we have currently performed in 57 countries around the world, averaging 60 shows per year. We have experimented with covers, costume, branding, lighting and different sizes, shapes and fabrics and still creating new variations.

This is the original Heliosphere, beware imitations!



Q. How does the weather affect the show?
A. Heavy rain or wind speeds over 7m/s may cause us to alter or cancel a show. It is not likely (about 6% of shows) but possible. Flexibility in performance area and timings can help us keep cancellations low.
Q. How do we go about branding The Heliosphere?
A. Gobos projecting on to surface, banners attached to it and covers around the whole of the balloon are all effective. Please enquire for costs, dimensions etc.
Q. Do you do rides for the public?
A. No. Our business is creating shows using The Heliosphere, combining light and sound to make magic. On a few occasions we have incorporated singers, musicians and celebrities into shows, but they have undergone the appropriate training and rehearsal with us.
Q. Can The Heliosphere do shows indoors?
A. Yes and to great effect. We require at least 12m ceiling.
Q. Can The Heliosphere do shows over water, off the top of buildings, handing bouquets to VIPs and so on?
A. Yes, but we require detailed information beforehand and sometimes additional infrastructure and rehearsal. We always enjoy a new challenge!
Q. Do you take a lot of freight with you?
A. Less than 100kg, so a crew of four can often travel with little or no excess baggage charges.

Past Shows

  • Roald Dahl Centenary, Cardiff
  • St Tropez Harbour Party
  • Re-opening of Spanish Steps, Rome
  • Reservations in Paradise, Phillipines
  • Festa Oscar Party, Brazil
  • UEFA Womens Cup Final, Helsinki
  • Donbass Arena Opening, Ukraine
  • Shinsegae Festival, Seoul
  • Kleine Fest, Hannover
  • Venice Carnavale
  • Cisco Systems Party, Barcelona
  • Omanoil Party, Muscat
  • Shuiland, Chongquing
  • Wales Rally, Millenium Stadium
  • Xiantiandi Opening, Shanghai
  • Wella Hairdresser Awards, Lisbon
  • BBC Xmas i-dent
  • World Youth Games, Pune
  • Indian Cricket League Opening, Hyderabad
  • Amwaj Islands Opening, Bahrain
  • Velieffendi Racetrack, Istanbul
  • Bournemouth Airshow
  • Chinawhite Rock the Polo
  • Cirque du Soleil, Kolkata
  • British Council, Kuwait
  • Youth Olympics Opening, Tblisi
  • Qantas Party, Sydney
  • Ann Arbor Top of the Park, Michigan
  • Midland Festival, Michigan
  • Artown Festival, Reno
  • Belgrade Festival
  • Christmas Deluxe, Covent Garden
  • AFL Grand Final, Melbourne
  • Toyota Launch, Doha
  • Muse Tour, Wembley Stadium
  • Muse Tour, Parc des Princes
  • Arafura Games, Darwin
  • FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium
  • HSBC Press Launch, Hong Kong
  • Americas Cup Launch, Alicante
  • Grand Lisboa Casino Opening, Macau
  • Cirque du Soleil F1 Launch, Valencia
  • New Year, Burj el Arab, Dubai
  • Mallorca TV Opening, Palma
  • Punawallah Wedding, Pune

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